Japanese fashion blogger turned model turned pop singer Kyary Pamyu Pamyu has released her debut EP, Moshi Moshi Harajuku, and it’s apparently rocketing up the Japanese Oricon charts (their equivalent of Billboard), debuting at #14, and also landing at #2 on the Japanese iTunes chart.

The EP is six songs (five if you consider that it contains two mixes of her debut single “Ponponpon”) in 27 minutes or so. It’s all gleaming cyber-pop just like the single, with KPP singing in a chirpy little-girl voice. There’s not too much overt electronic manipulation of her voice, though, despite the fact that the producer, Yasutaka Nataka, is the same guy who produces tracks by Perfume, the heavily computer-assisted vocal trio. (Time Out Japan has posted an excellent English-language interview with KPP, wherein she describes the process of making the record in some detail. This is excellent info for those of us who have zero knowledge of the production process behind J-pop. Go read it.)

KPP made her live performance debut this week (see photo at the top of this post) at the Harajuku Kawaii Party, thrown by Tokyo-based entertainment and model management company AsobiSystem. Tokyofashion.com has a complete report with tons of photos; go check it out. I’ll just post this one photo, from the fashion line Replicant and apparently designed by a high school student, that kinda threw me back a step.

Also worthy of note, KPP has apparently attracted the attention of nutbag blogger The Vigilant Citizen, who wrote two epic-length posts (here and here) about the Illuminati and occult symbolism in Lady Gaga’s videos a while back. Here’s his brief note (he’s not a J-pop fan, apparently) on KPP and some K-pop group, Super Junior, with whom I’m not familiar. When you’ve got the paranoid bloggers coming after you, can global success be far behind?

Phil Freeman

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