GridLink are one of the best grindcore bands around. Their two albums, Amber Gray and Orphan, pack 11 and 12 songs, respectively, into roughly as many minutes. They’re fronted by Jon Chang, formerly of the equally astonishing Discordance Axis, and also include guitarists Steve Procopio (formerly of DA) and Takafumi Matsubara (of Chang’s other band Hayaino Daisuki), bassist Teddy Patterson (formerly of Human Remains and Burnt by the Sun), and drummer Bryan Fajardo (also of Kill the Client and Noisear, and formerly of Phobia). Amber Gray and Orphan are available separately on CD, but there’s also an LP that combines them into a single slab of vinyl. Whatever your format of choice may be, the point is: GridLink are awesome.

Here’s a live video:

Now click here to watch a video interview that also includes some live footage.

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