Brazilian-born, currently Brooklyn-based saxophonist and painter Ivo Perelman is a busy guy. He’s released about a half dozen albums this year alone on Leo Records, many of them with a small group of collaborators that includes some of the best and most highly regarded free players in New York: pianist Matthew Shipp, guitarist Joe Morris, bassist Michael Bisio and drummers Gerald Cleaver and Whit Dickey. Two of those—Family Ties, from January, and Living Jelly, from October, feature Morris and Cleaver, and he brought that band to Nublu in NYC on December 14. You can watch the entire 45-minute performance below. I didn’t like Perelman much when I first heard him back in the late 1990s, but either he’s improved a lot or I’m just hearing things I missed back then; either way, call me a convert. Maybe you will be, too, after watching him and his bandmates go at it for a while.

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