The Swedish death metal band Entrails have signed with Metal Blade for the release of their third album, Raging Death. It won’t be out until May 14, but you can stream the first song, “In Pieces,” below.

As you can probably tell, Entrails aren’t the most original band on Earth. Back in September 2011, when I reviewed their last album, The Tomb Awaits, I mentioned that a message from founding guitarist Jimmy Lundqvist on their MySpace page read, “Entrails doesn’t come with something new in style. Entrails doesn’t follow the death metal scene of today. Entrails does what the Swedish death metal did best 20 years ago. Simply playing pure old school Swedish death metal. And there will be more!!!!!!” They’re still living up to that sentiment. And that’s fine by me, and should be fine with anyone who enjoys the classic Swedish sound exemplified by Entombed, Grave, Unleashed, Dismember…and Entrails.

Phil Freeman

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