Dutch grind-jazz sax/drums duo Dead Neanderthals played a pair of shows in the UK recently with guest saxophonist Colin Webster; you can watch their May 17 performance, from Brighton, below:

Dead Neanderthals were interviewed by MacDara Conroy for the latest issue of Burning Ambulance; here’s an excerpt from that conversation, dealing with some recordings they did with Webster and with Machinefabriek, neither of which have been released yet:

You’ve got two more records in the pipeline, both of them collaborative efforts: one with noise/drone artist Machinefabriek, and one with saxophonist Colin Webster, with whom you toured in the UK last year. How did those come about?

René Aquarius (drums): Colin had a gig close by one day and we had some studio time free. Pure coincidence. So we contacted him with the idea of coming by to play some stuff with us. Worked out great and we ended up with some really nice tunes. Thanks to Marlon Wolterink for letting us abuse his studio! With Machinefabriek, I guess our paths crossed and he offered to do a remix of one of our songs. We declined immediately and said we should do a collaborative new track. He agreed and we ended up with two long tracks, both a very nice mix of Machinefabriek and us.

Am I right in guessing that the Machinefabriek collaboration is more of a spin-off from the effects-heavy stuff you’ve done before? And the Webster tracks in line with the sounds you’re exploring with Polaris? Or something different still?

Otto Kokke (saxophone): It’s a bit of both worlds. Sure you can hear the effects-heavy stuff in our collaboration with Machinefabriek, but it’s much more atmospheric than anything we ever did before. It’s cool ’cause it’s really a joint effort from both Machinefabriek and us. The tracks with Colin Webster are more like the stuff on Polaris, but it’s much more quiet and subtle than the stuff we usually play. It’s great that we were able to do these collaborations to broaden our sound.

To read the full interview (it’s quite long and in-depth), as well as equally comprehensive features on trumpeter Arve Henriksen, guitarist/sound artist Robert Hampson (of Main, Loop and sometimes Godflesh), saxophonist Ivo Perelman, Latino rock legend Tito Larriva, and much more, buy Burning Ambulance #6 now!

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