Mick Barr (Krallice, Orthrelm, ex-Flying Luttenbachers, etc., etc.) has released a new digital-only album under his solo alias Ocrilim. Infamin features six tracks of electric guitar abstraction, recorded, mixed and mastered in five hours on August 30. At times it’s pretty raw stuff, recorded (by his Krallice bandmate Colin Marston) with plenty of room sound. Barr’s guitar, when it’s not in scratchy math-metal mode, has a half-detuned sort of sagging twang, and his vocals—heard on “Shruod” and “Worthnt”—are a bestial, choked roar. The album goes back and forth between the relentless energy that’s been Barr’s trademark since Orthrelm‘s emergence, and a haunted desolation reminiscent of Keiji Haino albums like Black Blues or Affection.

Stream it below:

And here’s a video of him performing the title piece live, in Philadelphia in June:

Buy Infamin on Bandcamp

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