Today we’ve got another exclusive premiere: Netherlands‘ video for “Sixteen,” directed by Allison Berkoy, from their brand-new second album, Silicon Vapor. (Get it via the band’s Bandcamp page.)

Netherlands are a trio fronted by vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Timo Ellis, with backing from synth-bassist Sam Levin and drummer Dave Burnett.Silicon Vapor is a genuinely unique record; its songs blend face-punching stoner-metal riffs that’ll entice fans of Kyuss or Sleep with ultra-theatrical vocals that are part Muse, part Cardiacs, and at times hit pitches high enough to recall Budgie‘s Burke Shelley. “Sixteen” is one of this weird album’s weirdest songs; the keyboards occasionally make a noise not unlike Morphine‘s punchy baritone sax riffs, and the wordless vocals in the beginning are truly eerie, particularly when combined with the odd, water-fixated imagery of the video.

Here’s the clip:

Visit for more information.

Phil Freeman

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