Polish composer Stefan Wesolowski will release his album Liebestod on April 15 via Important Records. Stream “Ostinato” below:

The six-track album features Wesolowski on violin, viola, piano, electronics; Jacek Balka on trombone; Krzysztof Pawlowski on cello; Krzysztof Jakub Szwarc on viola; Lukasz Gruba on tuba; Tomasz Wesolowski on baroque bassoon; Michal Krezlewski on piano; Sandra Geisler on vocals; Dex (dog barking on “Ostinato”); and Michal Jacaszek and Tom Bednarczyk creating soundscapes. While the album title is a reference to Wagner’s Tristan and Isolde, Liebestod is far from a “traditional” classical album. Wesolowski writes in a unique musical language that has the beauty of Goreçki, with the intensity of Arvo Pärt and the throbbing/roaring dynamics of Sunn O)))‘s Monoliths & Dimensions.

Phil Freeman

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