Haitian Rail have a new album, Solarists, out this week on the New Atlantis label. (Buy it.)

We’ve covered New Atlantis here pretty often; they’re an adventurous imprint blurring the boundaries between noise rock and out jazz, and Haitian Rail (formerly the Ricart/Millevoi Quartet) exemplify that aesthetic perfectly. As the RMQ, the lineup featured Nick Millevoi (Many Arms, Deveykus) on guitar, label owner Edward Ricart (Hyrrokin) on bass, saxophonist Travis Laplante (Little Women) and drummer Ches Smith (Theory of Ruin). Now that they’ve changed their name, Laplante and Smith are gone, replaced by trombonist Dan Blacksberg (Deveykus) and drummer Kevin Shea (Mostly Other People Do the Killing). That’s a lot of firepower, and they make the most of it on this five-track, 55-minute album. Pieces include composed sections, free eruptions from the whole group or subsets thereof, drones, and everything else you can imagine.

They’ve made an evocative video for the second track from Solarists. “Overburden,” directed by Dylan Pecora, assembles abstract images of nature as an ideal complement to the music’s weird, serialist avant-jazz. Check it out below.

Phil Freeman

Buy Solarists from the label

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