Today we’ve got a premiere of U Sco‘s video for “Tuskflower,” from their new album, Treffpunkt. (Buy it on Amazon.)

U Sco are a Portland, Oregon-based trio: Jon Scheid on bass guitar, Ryan Miller on treble guitar, and Phil Cleary on drums. Treffpunkt is their second release, following 2012’s NEST. Both are on guitarist Edward Ricart‘s New Atlantis label, which should give some indication of their sound: skronky, dissonant clatter, blurring the lines between angry prog and avant-metal with occasional detours into out-jazz. Treffpunkt has a more spacious, psychedelic feel than NEST at times, with spiraling harmonics that move the music toward the realms inhabited by bands like Battles or Dysrhythmia. Highly recommended.

Phil Freeman

Watch “Tuskflower,” directed by Dylan Pecora:

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