Noisy, aggressive French metallic hardcore outfit Nesseria have released their second full-length, Fractures (get it from Amazon MP3), and you can watch the first video, for “Des Rues Ordinaires,” below. The band says about the clip, “These ‘ordinary streets’ we chose to show in this video are those where we grew up, and spent most of our adolescences. We came back to these places that don’t, in themselves, have anything unique. We did it precisely because they are, in that, exactly identical to many we can find throughout France. In the anonymity of these empty places, stuck in their past, a whole population lives and drifts in silence.”

Fractures follows 2009’s self-titled debut and a 2011 split with Clinging to the Trees of a Forest Fire. As always, they’re in the vein of Nails, Converge, and other similarly face-bashing outfits. The song titles are in French, but without consulting a lyric sheet, it would be impossible to tell what language they’re howling in, but it hardly matters—their D-beat-meets-tearing-sheet metal sound is what’s important, and that’s as intense on Fractures as it’s ever been.

Watch “Des Rues Ordinaires”:

Get Fractures from Amazon MP3

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