2015 is half over, and so far it’s been a pretty impressive year for jazz. Here are 20 titles released between January and June that are worth listeners’ attention. Most of them venture closer to classic hard bop and post-bop sounds than to the fringes of the avant-garde (two of them, Terell Stafford‘s Brotherlee Love and Tim Warfield‘s Spherical, are explicit tributes to figures from jazz’s past, albeit ones that avoid the usual pitfalls of the “[Young(ish) Guy] Plays The Music Of [Dead Guy]” album), but nothing here is boring or rote. And of course, there are lots of other worthwhile releases out there right now. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Jazz ain’t goin’ nowhere.

Phil Freeman

JD AllenGraffiti (HighNote) Buy it from Amazon
David Chesky/Jazz in the New HarmonicPrimal Scream (Chesky) Buy it from Amazon
Duane EubanksThings of That Particular Nature (Sunnyside) Buy it from Amazon
Ghost Train OrchestraHot Town (Accurate) Buy it from Amazon
Stephen HaynesPomegranate (New Atlantis) Buy it from Amazon
Albert “Tootie” HeathPhiladelphia Beat (Sunnyside) Buy it from Amazon
Eddie HendersonCollective Portrait (Smoke Sessions) Buy it from Amazon
Jeremy PeltTales, Musings and Other Reveries (HighNote) Buy it from Amazon
Chris Potter Underground OrchestraImaginary Cities (ECM) Buy it from Amazon
Nate RadleyMorphoses (Fresh Sound New Talent) Buy it from Amazon
John RaymondForeign Territory (Fresh Sound New Talent) Buy it from Amazon
Matana Robertsalways. (Relative Pitch) Buy it from Amazon
Matthew Shipp Chamber EnsembleThe Gospel According to Matthew and Michael (Relative Pitch) Buy it from Amazon
Alex SipiaginBalance 38-58 (Criss Cross) Buy it from Amazon
Jim SnideroMain Street (Savant) Buy it from Amazon
Terell StaffordBrotherlee Love (Capri) Buy it from Amazon
Dayna StephensReminiscent (Criss Cross) Buy it from Amazon
Tom TallitschAll Together Now (Posi-Tone) Buy it from Amazon
Tim WarfieldSpherical (Criss Cross) Buy it from Amazon
Doug WebbTriple Play (Posi-Tone) Buy it from Amazon

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