The Swedish art-metal group Grift will release their first full-length album, Syner, later this year on the Nordvis label. This follows a 2013 EP, Fyra Elegier (Four Elegies) and a 2014 split single with the band Saiva.

Though Grift began as the duo of Erik Gärdefors on vocals and strings, and J. Hallbäck on drums, Hallbäck has now left the group, leaving Gärdefors alone. A few guests will appear on Syner; Daniel Blomberg of the band M:40 sings on “Svältorna” (“Starvation Hands”), Daniel Abrahadabra added a guitar solo and helped with the mixing, Andreas Pettersson (of Saiva) delivers clean vocals on one song, and Andreas Brink plays lap steel on another.

A video has been made for “Svältorna”; directed and edited by Blomberg, it stars Gärdefors’ father. Filmed near the Swedish mountain Kinnekulle in the Västergötland region, it’s got an almost Samuel Beckett-esque feel with its empty landscapes and the solitary, nameless figure with his shovel.

Watch it now:

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