Dark Suns, an eight-member band from Leipzig, Germany, are releasing their fifth album, Everchild, this week. (Get it from Amazon.) Their sound has evolved considerably in recent years; on 2008’s Grave Human Genuine, they were combining doom and progressive metal in a Meshuggah-meets-Cult of Luna vein, while on the follow-up, 2011’s Orange, they had transformed into a ’70s-indebted prog act with intricate horn charts recalling Soft Machine, and vocalist Niko Knappe was alternating ominous growls with soft, introspective crooning—not unlike the transition Mikael Åkerfeldt of Opeth has undergone on that band’s last two albums, Heritage and Pale Communion. The horns, played by Evgeny Ring (saxophone) and Govinda Abbott (trumpet),  get prominent placement on the track we’re premiering, “Spiders.”

Niko Knappe says of the song, “As well as being the second track on the album, ‘Spiders’ was also the second track we wrote during the songwriting process. It resulted mainly from the idea to combine a teenage pioneering spirit with urban melancholy. It tells about a young person’s departure. A group of teenagers in a state of eagerness and wanderlust, waiting for a friend to set out and break away from the parental home. ‘Push the spiders downhill’ is how the lyrics end, and stands for conquering fears and overcoming obstacles. We like the playful ease of the verses and how the song merges into the stomping brass parts and chorus lines, followed by a boisterously outro part.

Check “Spiders” out below.

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