Lean is a collaborative trio of saxophonist Jerome Sabbagh, bassist Simon Jermyn, and drummer Allison Miller. Each of these three has done great work in other contexts—Sabbagh’s quartet has been written up here in the past; Jermyn has played everywhere, with everyone, since arriving in New York from Ireland several years ago (his trio Howard Peach, which features Chris Speed on saxophone and Lander Gyselinck on drums, made an excellent album last year); and Miller leads her own group, Boom Tic Boom, and plays with the usual broad array of collaborators in recurring and ad hoc contexts.

Lean‘s self-titled debut album is an interesting departure for all involved. Miller’s drumming is free, but extremely sparse and disciplined, with an almost rock-like force. Sabbagh is as melodic as ever, each note carefully thought-out and placed almost cautiously after its predecessor. Jermyn, who’s got pedals and amplification on his side, emerges as de facto leader more often than not. It comes out September 9; today, we’re premiering the track “Fast Fish.” Stream it below:

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