The Jason Roebke Octet, led by the Chicago-area bassist and featuring many of that city’s finest jazz musicians, is about to release its second album, Cinema Spiral, on the Lithuanian label NoBusiness Records. The group’s debut, High/Red/Center, came out on Delmark in 2014.

The Octet features Greg Ward on alto sax; Keefe Jackson on tenor and sopranino saxes and contrabass clarinet; Jason Stein on bass clarinet; Josh Berman on trumpet; Jeb Bishop on trombone; Jason Adasiewicz on vibes; Roebke on bass; and Mike Reed on drums.

Cinema Spiral is a seven-part suite, though each track has its own unique character. Themes recur, but the thing that really holds it together is its contemplative, autumnal feel. (It was recorded in November 2014.) Adasiewicz’s rippling vibes underpin the horns’ often mournful solos, but solos aren’t really the point—this is a highly polyphonic album, with multiple voices in conversation at almost all times.

We’re premiering the third track, “For a Moment,” which spotlights trumpeter Berman. Check it out below, and order the album directly from the label.

Phil Freeman

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