Dutch Futurismo is a new project by Hungarian-born artists and musicians Éva Polgár and Sándor Vály. (We previously reviewed the pair’s 2014 collaboration, Gilgamesh.) Working with Nea Lindgren and Mikael Jurmu, they create Dada-inspired sound collages, performed on instruments built out of junk found on the street and in dumpsters. The music is created as a celebration of the 100th anniversary of Dada, in fact, and serves as a backdrop for recitations of poems and proclamations by Kurt Schwitters, Hugo Ball, Hans Arp, and Francis Picabia.
They’ve released a video for their setting of  Schwitters’ poem “Enemy Alien,” directed by Vály. Watch it below.

Dutch Futurismo‘s Festival of Misfits is out December 30 on the Finnish Ektro label.

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