by Phil Freeman

Dutch jazz/metal/noise duo Dead Neanderthals have a new record, The Depths, coming out next week, and as with each of their previous releases, it’s different from what’s come before, while still identifiably the work of saxophonist Otto Kokke and drummer René Aquarius.

The Depths was recorded in a 100-meter concrete tunnel, with Kokke and Aquarius positioned at each end. This sets up echoes and reverb—not to mention time lag—that forces them to radically change their usual methodology. Kokke sticks to a few notes at a time, and plays in the mid-to-low end of the tenor’s range; there’s one particular two-note figure on “Glimpse” that sounds like the theme from Jaws. Aquarius also keeps his playing somewhat minimal, exploring the potential of cymbal washes and booming kick drum, with the occasional tap on the rim of the snare.

It’s a really excellent record, especially if you enjoyed DN’s epic 2015 double disc, Endless Voids. While that featured an expanded, eight-member version of the group with guitar, electronics, and more, it has a similar patient and somewhat creepy feel. And we’re exclusively streaming The Depths here, today! Listen to it below…

Buy The Depths on Bandcamp

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