by Phil Freeman

Rob Mazurek has a new album out today on the Astral Spirits label. Chimeric Stoned Horn combines squiggly, abstract blurts from the cornet with harsh, unremitting electronic noise. Some of it is extremely aggressive and blaring; it’ll remind you of High Rise or Merzbow as much as Miles Davis‘s “Rated X.” The horn is swallowed up by static sometimes, pushed through live echo other times, and frequently seems to disappear entirely. A few of the pieces are less than a minute long, though the longest piece, the nine-minute “Arrival From a Distance,” opens the album.

Chimeric Stoned Horn is a companion release to an art exhibition, Constellation Scores, that Mazurek had at URDLA in France earlier this month. Three of the four 3-D lithographs he created for URDLA are included in the album’s packaging, and both the CD and cassette versions come with 3-D glasses.

Stream Chimeric Stoned Horn below:

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