The thirteenth episode of the Burning Ambulance podcast features a joint interview with violinist Meg Okura, who was born in Japan and recorded with David Bowie, and currently leads her own Pan Asian Chamber Jazz Ensemble, and her husband, soprano saxophonist Sam Newsome. Her newest album, Ima Ima, will be out in May. His latest, a solo record called Sopranoville, came out last year and was reviewed on this site. They’ve also got an album with pianist Jean-Michel Pilc as the NPO Trio that’s out now. In this conversation, we discuss their individual music, the work they do together, religion and spirituality, and much more. It’s a long and very interesting conversation, and I hope you enjoy it.

The Burning Ambulance podcast is part of the Osiris podcast network, so visit the Osiris website to see if any of their nearly two dozen other shows are of interest. Osiris is also a partner of Relix, so check out the Relix website for additional music news, etc.


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