Episode 15 of the Burning Ambulance podcast features an interview with avant-garde jazz pianist Dave Burrell, who is being honored at the 2018 Vision Festival at Roulette in Brooklyn and who performed at Cecil Taylor‘s funeral on April 10, the day before this interview was recorded.

Dave Burrell has been a respected and admired figure on the free jazz scene since he arrived in New York in 1965. He was born in Ohio, but raised in Harlem before his parents moved to Hawaii for much of his childhood—he later studied at Berklee College of Music in Boston. In the late 1960s, he recorded as a leader and played on albums by Pharoah SandersArchie SheppMarion BrownNoah HowardSonny SharrockSunny Murray, and many others. He moved to France in 1969 and played at the Pan-African Festival and recorded for the legendary BYG Actuel label. In this hour-long interview, he discusses his classic albums; his relationships with Cecil TaylorSunny MurrayArchie Shepp and others; his plans for the 2018 Vision Festival; and much more.


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