Danish quartet Mythic Sunship are about to release their fourth album, Another Shape of Psychedelic Music. It’s their second release of 2018, following Upheaval, which came out in January. It marks a change for the group, which until now has consisted of guitarists Kasper Stougaard Andersen and Emil Thorenfeldt, bassist
Rasmus ‘Cleaver’ Christensen and drummer Frederik Denning. On this album, they add saxophonist Søren Skov to the mix, and it’s as exciting as when the Stooges brought in saxophonist Steve Mackay for their second (and greatest) album, Fun House, or when Peter Brötzmann teamed up with Portuguese psychedelic warriors Black Bombaim in 2016.

We’re premiering a track from Another Shape of Psychedelic Music today; check out “Way Ahead,” and buy the album when it’s out on October 5!

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