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JD Allen is a saxophonist I’ve been listening to since 2011. He puts out an album a year, the latest being LoveStone, and in addition to his work as a leader, he’s worked with Jeremy Pelt (a guest on episode 21), David Weiss, Orrin Evans (a guest on episode 9), Cindy Blackman and many others.

He’s something of a classicist — he’s got a really big sound on the tenor, reminiscent of Sonny Rollins, John Coltrane, Dexter Gordon and other legends — but his music is very modern and creative, with one foot in the blues and one in the future. In this episode, we discuss his early career, the years when he first came to prominence with Jeremy Pelt‘s quintet and his own trio, and much more.

Here’s a list of the songs you’ll hear in this episode:

JD Allen, “Until the Real Thing Comes Along” (LoveStone)

JD Allen, “Naked” (Graffiti)

Jeremy Pelt Quintet, “Sweet Rita Suite Part 2: Her Soul” (Soul)

David Weiss & Point of Departure, “Black Comedy” (Snuck In)

JD Allen, “Another Man Done Gone” (Americana)

Lisa Hilton, “Too Hot” (Escapism)

JD Allen, “Radio Flyer” (Radio Flyer)


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