Techno often makes its anonymity into a defining characteristic. The tracks are meant to be spun together in DJ sets, not necessarily absorbed as individual artistic gestures. But when a label decides to have a strong identity, the results can be thrilling. The Mephyst imprint, out of Colombia’s Valle del Cauca region, is making some of the most aggressive techno around right now — it’s practically industrial at times — and between the main label and sub-labels Healed Wounds, O.V.N.I. and Bad Reputation, they’re assembling a catalog that any fan of aggressive electronic music should appreciate.

One of the most striking aspects of releases on Mephyst and Healed Wounds in particular are their sleeves, designed by the label owner, who records as Modular Phaze, A Primitive Trait, Acclaim To The Gods and a few other names, depending on what style of music he’s making. He says via email, “The works of art on the covers were a constant evolution until arriving at the point at which we are making a more original and unique edition — the relation that it has with the music is a mixture of darkness and carnality. Darkness in the sounds and the sensation that they transmit, and the carnality in the corporeal perception that each sound generates. For us it is very important that the artist also feels that there was a connection between the discs and the creation of the cover and that it is not a pre-fabricated and adapted cover.”

Check out the gallery of some of their most interesting covers below, and visit the Mephyst and Healed Wounds Bandcamp pages to listen to the music.

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