Overcalc is a one-man project from Nick Skrobisz, guitarist with Multicult (who we wrote about here back in July). They’re a taut, noisy math-rock band who mix power and intricacy. Overcalc, on the other hand, is a minimalist Krautrock/synthwave sort of thing. It has the feeling of a lot of current instrumental music, but also flirts in its own way with an early ’80s “New Wave AOR” sound, like something buried midway through the second side of a Billy Squier or Joe Walsh album of the era. The track “Sire Complex Shapes,” for which we’re premiering a video today, comes from the album Meaningless Terrain, which is out now on Sleeping Giant Glossolalia, a label that’s put out a lot of awesome music in the past few years, including Skryptor‘s Luminous Volumes and Unnatural WaysThe Paranoia Party.

Skrobisz says of this track, “‘Sire Complex Shapes’ was sort of the leap into being for this project, which followed many months of experimentation, compressing improvised guitar into deduced forms, against semi-volatile electronic structures. Its premise is to feature human physiology reckoning with many machines in tandem. The confrontation of all their incongruent protocols at once, from a single vantage point, is meant as a proper display of our modern experience and trajectory. The desired effect upon the listener is hopefully one where competing distractions are seen to melt back into a singular perception.”

Watch the video below, then buy the album if you’re so inclined.

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