Hey, it’s a track premiere!

Longtime BA favorites, Dutch sax-drums duo Dead Neanderthals, are releasing a new EP this week. It’s a return to their grindcore-jazz roots, a 12-track, nine-minute 7″ single called Rat Licker. It’s coming out collaboratively through a bunch of labels in North America and Europe; if you’re in the US, you can get it from Utech Records.

The DN guys (saxophonist Otto Kokke and drummer René Aquarius) say, “You know we’re up to no good when we’re blasting through 12 songs in just nine minutes. Luckily we’ve got the longest track of the album right here for you to enjoy. Although ‘Scalp Wounds’ is just two minutes long, it feels like a bit of a breather in between the really fast tracks. If you would classify the feeling of being encased in concrete and being thrown into a watery grave as a breather, that is.”

Listen below:

Dead Neanderthals · Scalp Wounds

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