Three-Layer Cake is a new power trio featuring guitarist/banjo player Brandon Seabrook, bassist Mike Watt, and drummer Mike Pride. Their debut album, Stove Top, comes out in two weeks, and we’re premiering a video from it today. Watch the clip for the noisy, pounding “Big Burner” below:

The idea for the album initially bubbled up after Pride was a guest on Watt’s radio show/podcast, The Watt From Pedro Show. They decided to collaborate remotely; the drummer sent tracks over, Watt added bass, and Pride brought in Seabrook to round out the lineup with his striking guitar and banjo playing. The result is a kind of postpunk skronk-fusion with elements of Krautrock and funk thrown in; Watt’s bass on “Big Burner” is closer to Holger Czukay‘s work with Can than anything by the Minutemen.

Director Anais Blondet says of the clip, “The idea for the ‘Big Burner’ music video was based on Salvador Dalí‘s surrealist cookbook, Les Dîners de Gala, interwoven with my current obsession with French cuisine and my personal nightmares. Our main character is a mad chef who is at once fantasizing/having a nightmare about making culinary masterpieces in his eerie kitchen. He starts off optimistic but he quickly descends into a frenzy of creative doubt which results in him tearing out his internal organs to really give the dishes an extra kick. From that point on, our mad chef leans into the experimental nature of his visceral creations and proudly presents his finished dishes in a series of fiery tableaux. After he and his nightmare alter-egos feast on the revolting buffet, their guts start to convulse. Like any traditional fairy tale, our story ends with a parade of projectile vomiting.”

Pre-order Stove Top now.

Phil Freeman

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