Burning Ambulance has partnered with the monthly ResonanceFM radio show Such Music, hosted by Rihards Endriksons. The show airs at the beginning of each month, and is posted on Mixcloud afterward. The April edition can be heard below:

This month’s episode is devoted to the music of saxophonist and composer André Vida, a former student of Anthony Braxton who’s also worked with Elton John (maybe the only musician alive about whom that can be said). In addition to an interview with Vida, the episode includes the following music:

1. André Vida — “S.A.X.P.E.C.T. 2023” (previously unpublished work, a mix of Vida’s saxophone playing, mash-ups, remixes and sound collages, featuring everything from Napalm Death to Nicki Minaj and Edgard Varèse), 39:47

2. André Vida — “Celeste” (from Breathless 1, self-released, 2023), 2:19, fragment

3. André Vida — “Hellosan” (from Breathless 1, self-released, 2023), 2:41, fragment

4. André Vida — “Changing Lockets” (from Breathless 1, self-released, 2023), 1:16, fragment

Buy Breathless 1 on Bandcamp

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