BurningAmbulance.com seeks writers interested in covering new music. Jazz, contemporary composition, metal, electronic stuff and combinations thereof are our primary areas of enthusiasm, but we are willing to read pitches about anything at all, even if it’s just for our own amusement. We are looking for reviewers with open ears and some understanding that a CD review should tell the reader about the CD, not the reviewer’s romantic failures, drunken escapades or unrequited lust for the artist(s). We will also happily accept interviews with artists, if you’re willing to go to the trouble.

There is NO MONEY, but if you’re looking to stockpile credits which could then theoretically be used to compete with every other music dork in America for the few nuggets of (barely) paying work that still exist, this could be as good a starting point as any. Editing will be done with as light a touch as possible (your voice is yours and there is no “house style,” but know going in that you’re not Chuck Klosterman, let alone Lester Bangs, and we don’t like Lester Bangs’ writing that much anyway), and pitches are welcome.

Send a list of the five albums in your collection that your mom/roommate/significant other hates the most, and why you love them, and if you feel like it, a few pitches. Again (and this can’t be emphasized enough), there is NO MONEY IN THIS DEAL. YOU WILL NOT BE PAID. You will get a byline, and nothing more. That’s all we’re getting, and we run this goddamn horrorshow. So drop us a line. The worst we can say is “fuck off,” and we won’t – we’ll be politely encouraging. Promise.